What you need to do on for your Prom party!

A prom is a very beautiful moment in a girl’s life. Every girl wants to look her best when it comes to the prom night as it is a magical moment of the school life. But there is so much to think about and do. The best way to make sure that everything is in place is to be organized and plan things much in advance. This avoids any last minute rush. And you don’t want to feel panicky in your prom dress.

It is advised to make a list of all the things that you would need or you would have to do. First make sure to select your prom dress at least two months prior. This will give you time for making any type of alterations if any. Next thing is to make sure that your makeup for prom is in line with your prom dress. Another important thing is to see if the prom dress is in contrast with your date. Hair and nail appointments to be taken at least a month in advance in order to avoid any last minute mishap.

Another thing to keep in mind for makeup for prom is to buy cosmetics of good and well known brands as they have long lasting finish on the face and the makeup for prom stays up for long. That’s one thing you will need on long night of prom. Let us explore how you can do make up for prom-

The Base

For any makeup applying a strong base is a must. There are different types of foundation available powdered, liquid and cream ones. Now, depending on what one is comfortable select the appropriate base and apply the foundation. Make sure the foundation has a lasting effect. If you have dark circle you can also use concealer and hide those circles.

The eye makeup

Now this is something you can experiment using different shades and colours but keeping in mind your prom dress. Accordingly you can select shades that can compliment with the dress. It may not necessarily be matching but something in contrast. Make combination of one light and one dark shade so that it balances out the look not too flashy and not too dull.

The lip make up

For lip make up, use a lip liner to border the lip line. Then apply a shade that goes best with the outfit. If you like dark shades then apply in a way that doesn’t look extremely flashy. You can then finish it up with a lip gloss for a soothing shine. If you have matt finish lipstick that is a better recommended for a perfect finish.

For cheeks

To highlight those cheek bones use a blush and mixture of a light shade and shine shade. You don’t want to sparkle you entire face with that but just to highlight them. Depending on your skin tone use an appropriate shade that can highlight your entire face with it. Dab a little and stroke it the direction of the tip of the ears.

If you follow the above way of organising on the prom day you will have a fun experience with all the excitement around.